Prevention is a key concept in OSH. In fact, the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases must be the main goal of any management OSH system, much more than attempts to solve problems once they occur. This principle is gaining higher importance as organizations change very quickly (due to globalization, reduced workload, temporary work, part-time work, sub-contracting, aging of the workforce, etc.), which calls for a dynamic OSH approach.
We invite you to the V International Conference for Regional Cooperation in the field of Occupational Health and Safety: “Work through the lens of OSH”
Every year the conference has open doors for the Balcan. This time, from 30-th May till 1-st of June 2019, Albania will welcome the global preventive community in Durrës, Grand Blue Fafa Resort. Join us at this international gathering in the field of occupational safety and health.

The International Conference for Regional Cooperation of Civil Society Organizations is a key Balcan event for the exchange of information and opinions from OSH, representatives of companies and employees, decision-makers from the government and public authorities, social partners and everyone who is active in the field of occupational safety and health at work.
The conference goal is the importance of regional cooperation, networking and involvement of CSOs in policy and decision making processes.
The main objectives of the Conference are:
Regional cooperation and networking of CSOs in IPA countries;
Promotion of regional investigative OSH journalism;
Mapping institutional mechanisms for cooperation between CSOs and public institutions in the region, which enables further research on the relations between CSOs and State institutions.

Each country will be represented by participants coming from the respective government structures and civil society. Among other things, this conference will include relevant key actors working in this area, such as associations, EU representatives, EU-OSHA Focal Points, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other stakeholders.

  • Conference thematic areas:
  • Good OSH practices are good for business
  • Media and OSH
  • Improving preventive culture
  • National OSH Studies
  • Regional OSH Strategy
  • Roadmap on carcinogens
  • Regional OSH challenges
  • ESSENER 2 OSH research in Europe including Balcan region
  • Balcan in IOSH map for OSH support
  • Official languages at the Conference will be: Albanian and English.

Be part of this event and contribute to OSH development and improvement in your country and beyond!

In anticipation of your response we welcome you!


Slavica Jankova
Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association
slavica.s@mzzpr.org.mk +389 75 432 071

Frosina Gjino
Albanian Occuaptional Safety and Health Centre

Fatmir Saracini
Kosovar Occupational Safety and health Association

Andrijana Tomic
Serbian Association for Occupational Safety and Health

Djina Jankovic
Safety at Work Association of Montenegro