The world we live and work changes in every aspect in unbelievable rates and manners almost every day. The rules of living and working get new values that very often are followed and understood by the people. Because of that, in direction of the basic pillar of the preventive working, the cycle of continuous development, workplace risk assessment, we should first turn to ourselves. We need to focus on the stakeholders of our profession and to start giving mutual support and exchange of knowledge and experiences. Only that way we will be able to evolve and to enable our profession to match the challenges of the modern workplace.

The goal of this conference is determining the directions and focuses of the future researches and developments in occupational safety and health throughout exchange of theoretical and practical experiences. Throughout establishing of relation between the OSH institutions, there will be continuous collaboration between all OSH stakeholders and possibility for realization of the regional network – BALcanOSH Network. The BALcanOSH Network will be consisted from relevant institutions through which continuous exchange of experiences, joint organization of trainings, projects, and good OSH practices will be performed.

This conference will work exactly on that topic. All relevant OSH professionals from the Balkan region will be gathered and for the first time they will have the possibility to attend an event on which they will exchange knowledge and experiences. Also they will have the possibility to get to know each other and to make lifetime contacts for better mutual accomplishments.

The initiative of the Regional Conference is intended to become tradition, and each year to be organized in different country.

We would like to encourage and invite you to apply to be a host and organizer of the next International Conference on Regional Cooperation that be held in 2019. In this event, the main actors in the field of safety and health at work will have a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and recognize the challenges in this area in the region of Southeast Europe. Deadline for submitting your applications is: 26.10.2018 year. Your interest by submitting a letter from your organization please submit it to: or